GEICO Play Names Andrew Whitworth Commercial

GEICO has launched a new commercial emphasizing how effortless they make car insurance. The voiceover kicks off the 30-second spot, stating, “GEICO makes car insurance easy. As easy as getting personal with play names.”

The setting is a conference room where we see two-time All-Pro offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth engaging in a playful exchange. When his colleague presents a new play named “The 220 Pancake Pluck, You Can’t Bench 350 Super Sweep,” Whitworth confidently asserts that he can bench 350. Even though his counterpart explains that it’s merely a play name, the NFL star humorously comes up with his own play name, dubbing it “Double pump fake, I’m stronger than you, I can bench 350, and I’m a good tackle.” This unconventional response elicits a bewildered response: “That’s not a play name.”

The commercial concludes with the voiceover encouraging viewers to obtain a quote from GEICO on Amazon before the next play, accompanied by the tagline “It’s easy to GEICO.” Whitworth playfully offers another play name idea: “I’m good at football, I’m a good football analyst, and I open the lane better than anybody.” In the meantime, a younger man, appearing to be a journalist, enters the room, but Whitworth’s counterpart silently shakes his head to discourage any further disruption.

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