Freshpet Dinner Date Dog Food in the Fridge Commercial Girl

Freshpet has released a new ad to promote its dog food.

The spot features a young couple on a dinner date in the man’s apartment. While looking through his fridge, the woman finds a Freshpet package and asks her boyfriend what’s that. He answers that it’s for Pepper and she cannot help asking if he keeps dog food in the fridge. The man explains that it’s not dog food, but Freshpet, made with real meat and real veggies. She points out that it’s dog food, which ruins the date. The next scene shows her being kicked out and the man admitting in front of his beloved Pepper, while having dinner together, that he was so right about her.

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “it’s not dog food, it’s food food.”

Freshpet offers food based on steam-cooked recipes that use 100% farm-raised meat and veggies, sourced in the USA. Its product lines include Freshpet Select, featuring Home Cooked Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Tender Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Roasted Meals Tender Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Vital, Nature’s Fresh, Fresh Treats, Deli Fresh, Homestyle Creations and Spring & Sprout.

All products are made according to FDA and USDA standards, under the oversight of four veterinary nutritionists. Those who visit the Freshpet website can learn more about the ingredients used to make the recipes, compare pet food, find stores nearby, and more.

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