Dusk.com Dusk Sayin Carlo Advert

Dusk.com presents its sofas in a lighthearted television advertisement as part of the “DuskSaying” campaign. The commercial features a quirky elderly woman comfortably seated on her Dusk Hampshire Loveseat sofa, sharing her sofa-buying experience in a humorous manner.

Expressing her contemplation process, she amusingly mentions considering the conventional approach of visiting a large showroom, sifting through countless fabric swatches, and ultimately shelling out over a grand for a sofa. Instead, she opted to purchase directly from dusk.com, allowing her to save enough money to compensate Carlo. As she mentions Carlo, he enters the scene, clad in black trousers, pouring tea into her cup, revealing his toned abs without showing his face.

With a cheerful smile, she concludes with a playful “DuskSayin.” The advertisement wraps up by showcasing the retailer’s diverse furniture offerings, including living, bedroom, and dining furniture. The voiceover encourages viewers to adorn their homes with fantastic deals from dusk.com.

Highlighted in the ad is the Hampshire 3 Seater Sofa, available in various colors such as Beige, Blue, Light Gray, and Sea Green, now priced at £649.00, reduced from £899.00. Additionally, the Geo Velvet Cushion and the Linen Look Cushion are featured as part of the promotional lineup.