Dunkin' Run Ben Affleck Mistaken for Another Actor Commercial

Ben Affleck stars in a new Dunkin’ ad to promote the chain’s new Dunkin’ Run deals, which offer discounts on doughnuts, mini-bagels, and sausage eggs and cheeses purchased with medium or larger-sized coffees.

The spot features the actor visiting a Boston-area Dunkin’ location and saying he’s there for the Dunkin’ Run campaign commercial. “It’s a great deal. A large coffee and a donut for a buck, I mean, it’s pretty cool,” he says. He then pokes fun at the idea of making commercials given the fact that he’s a real actor and, at some point, realizes that the staff mistakes him for an actor from “The Departed,” a movie starring Matt Damon. However, he reacts to the mix-up quite well.

“Time for a Dunkin’ Run. Get a 1$ donut with any medium or larger coffee,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The spot has been developed by Affleck and Damon’s recently launched production house, Artists Equity, and directed by Affleck, who also starred in Dunkin’s Super Bowl 2023 commercial. The ad showed him working the drive-thru of a real Dunkin’ location, where some customers struggled to recognize him, and ended with a cameo from his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck and Damon co-star in the upcoming movie “Air”, which tells the story of Nike’s pursuit of NBA legend Michael Jordan as an athlete endorser.

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