DUDE Wipes Students Re-Learning to Wipe in Classroom Commercial Actors

DUDE Wipes encourages men to drop their drawers to get the best clean for their butts in its latest ad campaign, which marks the first integrated work of independent agency CURIOSITY for the brand since being named its AOR in September 2022.

One of the spots, titled “Re-Learning to Wipe,” is set in a sort of classroom and features several students taking a class that addresses common question and myths about flushable wipes. The teacher uses cleverly arranged pairs of balloons to show how to use the DUDE Wipes and get the best clean. When the teacher asks why the DUDE Wipes clean better, the students rush to raise their hands and give their answers: “because they’re extra large, because they’re flushable, and wet cleans better than dry”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Best clean. Pants down”.

The playful campaign also includes another spot, which serves as the anthem spot and is a spoof on the upbeat CPG ads of the 1980s. The ad
insinuates that men’s hindquarters are so clean, showing off their tighty whities is encouraged.

“Both spots are the perfect mix of our authentic Dude humor and at the same time educational on why wet Dude Wipes are a better solution than dry toilet paper for a complete confident clean,” said Ryan Meegan, co-founder and CMO of Dude Wipes.

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