Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia DJ Khaled Commercial

Papa Johns has enlisted DJ Khaled to promote its new Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia. The rapper stars in a short ad, claiming that the new menu item was his idea.

The spot opens with images of the new Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia and the voiceover introducing it as “the best idea ever”. The video is then interrupted by DJ Khaled, who shows up and declares that the new Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia was his idea. “Doritos and pizza. I did that,” he says, looking straight to the camera.

The innovative menu item from Papa Johns and Doritos, inspired by the “piadina” and first introduced to the Papa Johns menu in 2020, is the chain’s Italian flatbread-style sandwich seasoned with the bold flavors of Doritos Cool Ranch. Made to order, with fresh, never frozen, dough, the Papadia can be filled with chicken, beef, steak or other fillings, based on the customer’s choice.

The Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia will be available for a limited time, through July 23, 2023, for just $7.99.

DJ Khaled has appeared in ad campaigns for several other brands, including Apple (for which he co-starred with his son, Asahd), CÎROC, the brand of eau-de-vie vodka produced and distributed by the British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo, and Ladder, a health and wellness company owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James.

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