DoorDash Christmas Commercial - Feat. Deer Pushing A Family's Car to Destination

DoorDash, the popular food delivery and mobile app service, is celebrating the holiday season with a humorous Christmas commercial titled “Everyday Miracles.” In this spot, DoorDash showcases its delivery services and the convenience of its mobile app.

The commercial opens with a family on their way to a holiday party, but their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, the daughter realizes they’ve forgotten to bring corn for the casserole and Judy’s gift. As the family is stranded in the dark, a majestic deer appears from the forest and lends a helping hoof by pushing their car to safety. With one problem resolved, the father wonders aloud about the items they forgot.

The daughter suggests they use DoorDash, and the mother quickly opens the DoorDash app to order the groceries they left behind. As the family finally arrives at their destination, a DoorDash delivery driver appears to deliver the forgotten items. Overjoyed, the three family members express their gratitude for experiencing two miracles that evening – one when the deer helped them reach their party safely and another when the DoorDash delivery person arrived with their much-needed groceries.

The heartwarming ad concludes with a touching message: “We don’t do the big holiday miracles, but we can deliver gifts, groceries, and the everyday miracles in between.” It encapsulates the idea that DoorDash is there to make the holiday season a bit brighter and more convenient, whether it’s delivering essentials or adding a touch of magic to everyday life.

Earlier this year, DoorDash partnered with American Pie stars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott to promote its DashPass, a membership program that offers $0 delivery fees, reduced service fees, and member-only benefits on eligible orders. This collaboration featured a humorous commercial created by Superette, DoorDash’s in-house creative studio. With “Everyday Miracles,” DoorDash continues to demonstrate its commitment to making life a little easier, even during the busy holiday season.

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