Domino's Emergency Pizza Jar Commercial Actor

In Domino’s recent advertisement, they introduce a unique offer: When you order Domino’s online, they provide you with an “Emergency Pizza” for future pizza-related crises.

The 30-second commercial showcases a man in his kitchen, attempting to prepare a meal from scratch. While in the process of chopping parsley and needing some tomato sauce from a jar, he encounters a frustrating moment when the jar lid refuses to budge. This leads him to turn to Domino’s online ordering to request an “Emergency Pizza.” Shortly thereafter, a Domino’s Pizza delivery person arrives in his kitchen, delivering the complimentary “Emergency Pizza.”

This promotion, called the “Emergency Pizza” campaign, was initiated earlier in the month. It offers customers the opportunity to receive a free medium 2-topping pizza, redeemable within 30 days after claiming it. To qualify, customers need to place an online Domino’s delivery or digital carryout order amounting to $7.99 or more.

Two weeks after launching this initiative, Domino’s expanded the “Emergency Pizza” deal by giving away $1 million worth of free pizzas to individuals burdened with student loan payments. Domino’s now releases a limited number of free “Emergency Pizza for Student Loans” codes daily until the total value of $1 million in codes has been claimed.

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