Dodge Hornet Commercial

Dodge has launched a new ad campaign to announce the arrival of its all-new Dodge Hornet.

Titled “Swarming the Nation”, the campaign runs across broadcast, digital and social media channels, promoting the automaker’s Hornet, described as its quickest and most powerful compact-utility vehicle (CUV).

The main spot, which is 90-seconds long, takes viewers on a sweeping flight through city streets, from Michigan to other big cities across the U.S., as word of the arrival of “engineered hornet” stirs up excitement and wonder. Journalists and news presenters are shown spreading the word about the impending swarm, while city inhabitants are shown wondering what will happen.

“This is the swarm we’be been waiting for. This is a creature from hell,” one may says in the long version of the ad, which also includes cameos from prominent TikTok and Instagram influencers.

“Taking the country by swarm” the voicoeover says at the end of the film, introducing the all-new Dodge Hornet.

The Hornet line-up includes the Dodge Hornet R/T performance hybrid, the first ever electrified performance vehicle from Dodge, and the Dodge Hornet GT, fueled by the Hurricane4 engine, a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four cylinder, which debuts as the segment’s most powerful gas engine.

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