DFS What's Your Thing? 2023 Advert - Feat. Goat in Suit on Sofa

DFS continues its “What’s Your Thing” campaign with a fresh installment, underscoring that DFS offers sofas to suit a wide range of styles and preferences.

The 60-second spot commences with a voiceover asking viewers to contemplate what truly suits their individual tastes. Questions like “What floats your boat?” “What gets your goat?” “What lights up your world?” and “What makes your heart sing?” are posed, along with queries about upholstery preferences, such as whether beige sparks excitement or if you prefer the comfort of corduroy or cloud-like recliners. The narrator emphasizes that one’s personal preferences may not align with everyone else’s, but that’s perfectly fine since you’re unique. In your domain, the right choice is your choice. The advert assures viewers that DFS has just the right sofa for them, culminating with the tagline, “What’s your thing?”

Throughout the advert, various products are showcased, including the Windsor Cotton 3 Seater Sofa, available in six color options for £1,429, the Enchanted 4 Seater Sofa in Sensual Velvet priced at £849, the Euphoria Velvet 4 Seater Sofa at £999, the Layla Sofa, the Newport Bed with Double Storage Bedframe starting from £1,699, and more.

DFS introduced its “What’s Your Thing” brand platform in 2021, created by the agency Pablo London. This platform highlights and celebrates individual differences in taste and style, promising that DFS will assist customers in finding their unique style. It is founded on the core belief at the heart of DFS’s business, emphasizing its extensive sofa range and expert staff dedicated to helping customers find what’s perfect for them.

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