Dairy Queen $7 Meal Deal with Bacon Queso Cheeseburger Commercial - Student Driver

Dairy Queen urges consumers to try its $7 Meal Deal with the NEW Bacon Queso Cheeseburger, served with Fries, a sundae, and a drink.

The chain has dropped a 30-second ad, showing a youngster who, after having gotten his driving license, went to Dairy Queen. His first drive to DQ is a big kind of deal, like the new Bacon Queso Cheeseburger $7 Meal Deal.

The voiceover says you’re gonna want to pull over for that double dose of cheesy queso-y goodness and mentions that the deal also includes fries, a drink and a sundae – all for just $7.

The commercial ends with the driver’s friend telling him that all drive-throughs are just one way and gets ready for a new adventure in the town with his fellow.

The $7 Meal Deal with the NEW Bacon Queso Cheeseburger includes a bacon cheeseburger topped with applewood smoked bacon, partnered with a regular-sized fry, a 21-oz. drink, and a small DQ sundae of your choosing.

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