Coach Lil Nas X What I Carry In My Tabby Commercial

Coach has launched a new ad campaign, titled “What We Carry Makes Us Stronger”, featuring a host of celebrities.

One of the spots begins with Lil Nas X sitting on a sofa, clad in casual garments, revealing what he carries in his Tabby. “Hi, I’m Montero and this is what I carry in my Tabby,” the global superstar says before opening his purse and showing the items he carries with him. “I carry my plans for the future and what I’ll do next, everyone will see. My next big chapter is coming and it would be everything and more,” he also says, while on the screen he can be seen on a different planet, in the universe, with a totally different outfit, and floating up in the air, whilst holding his Tabby bag.

Back in the real life, viewers get to see the musician closing his bag and concluding “And that’s what I carry.”

The campaign also features Coach Family members Camila Mendes, Kōki, and Wu JinYan revealing what they carry in their Tabby. Mendes, for instance, says she carries all her past experiences, all the different versions of herself, Wu JinYan says she carried the dream of becoming a dancer, but her feet didn’t want to keep up, so she found another stage and learned that she was stronger than she had thought. Koky says she carries the courage to challenge herself, writing new songs and playing new roles.

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