Chewy Autoship Talking Tom Cat Mr. Marbles Inheritance Commercial

Chewy has dropped a new ad in its “Pets Aren’t Just Pets, They’re More” campaign. This time, the brand advertises its Autoship service, which enables customers to shop their pets’ favorites and set a schedule for future deliveries.

The spot, dubbed “Inheritance”, features Mr. Marbles, a cat whose owner, a very wealthy man, died. The feline attends a meeting with an attorney who reads, in the presence of the deceased’s two children, his will. While the first born, Audrey, gets the company the old man used to run, her brother, Todd, gets nothing but the model train. Mr. Marbles is happy to hear that he will receive recurring deliveries for all of his needs and perpetuity thanks to Autoship from Chewy. But it soon turns out that his owner has left him one more thing: the summer house, which is shocking for Audrey and Todd.

At the end of the commercial, viewers are encouraged to save more on what their pets love and never run out with Autoship from Chewy.

The campaign includes other two spots that illustrate how pet parents see their pets as much more. One of them features a golden retriever named Bailey as a couple’s favorite child, and another shows a dog as his owner’s best friend.

“Our relationships with our pets are some of the most meaningful, genuine bonds we create throughout life’s highs and lows. Our customers view their pets as much more than pets, and this campaign brings that to life in a playful, entertaining and absolutely relatable way,” Orlena Yeung, VP of Brand Marketing at Chewy, said in a press release.

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