Cascade Platinum Plus Dare to Dish Differently Commercial Actors

Cascade advertises its Cascade Platinum Plus dishwasher in a new commercial, highlighting that now you can make your life easier.

The spot features a man who says he used to wait to run his dishwasher till it was super full but now he dishes differently: he runs it daily, weekdays, weekends, after a big snack, explaining that it’s not wasteful because even half loads use 80% less water than handwashing, which means savings of up to $130 a year on utilities. He then mentions that with Cascade Platinum Plus you just scrape and load, then it’s all done.

“Next time you wait to run it, just run it,” the man says at the end of the commercial, while being dragged by his daughter. The voiceover adds the brand’s tagline, “Dare to dish differently”.

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