Carolina Herrera Good Girl Maxi Glaze Lipstick Commercial

Carolina Herrera promotes its new Good Girl Maxi Glaze Lipstick in a new commercial.

The spot features a diverse cast of models, with different skin types and colors, showcasing sine of the 11 shades the new slimline lipstick comes in, from beautiful pinks and reds to chic nudes and browns, while in the background Chaka Khan’s hit song “I’m Every Woman” plays.

Released as her debut solo single from her first album, Chaka, the track is available for purchase on Amazon in various formats.

The Good Girl Maxi Glaze Lipstick, which – like all the Carolina Herrera products – is 100% refillable and customizable, has a silky, comfortable and soothing texture, a pigment-rich formula that makes lips look plumper and smoother, and offers up to 12h wear. Enriched with Good Girl Complex – an innovative blend of jasmine wax, rose and vanilla extract, and hyaluronic acid – lips look instantly up to 160% shinier and 20% more hydrated after 28 days, the brand says.

Customers can choose their favorite texture and shade and pay for the price in three installments in Klarna. They can also choose a case out of two colorblock cases (one featuring the signature House colors of pink and red and another one in electric blue and black) and accessorize their Good Girl Maxi Glaze with a bangle, eye-catching charms, and colorful tassels.

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