CarBravo Usedphoria Woman with Crown and Sash Commercial Actors

CarBravo urges people to feel the “usedphoria” in its latest ad campaign, from MRM Detroit, which includes a series of spots featuring car owners that experience usedphoria, described as “a rare combination of confidence, security, happiness and trust with a dash of glee.”

One of the ads shows a woman in an elegant gown, with a crown on her head and a sash featuring the text “usedphoria”, entering a coffee shop, where her friends welcome her a smile. When the bunch of flowers she’s holding becomes bigger out of the blue, she says that this keeps happening and, asked what’s usedphoria, explains that it’s how she feels since she bought her used car from CarBravo. “Got a certified vehicle with a standard limited warranty,” she says, which makes one of her friends declares she wants usedphoria, too. “Usedphoria is for everyone,” mentions the protagonist, confirming that her friends will also get a crown, a sash, a gown, and the jewels.

The commercial ends with the voiceover adding the tagline “CarBravo. Feel the usedphoria.”

The campaign runs across online video, paid social, organic social, web, streaming audio, OLA, paid search, streaming and addressable TV.

The limited warranties CarBravo offers is a 6-month/6,000-mile Limited Bumper to Bumper Warranty, whichever comes first, if labeled a CarBravo vehicle which is in addition to and begins upon the expiration of any remaining original factory warranty, and a 30-day/1,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, whichever comes first.

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