CarBravo Usedphoria Commercial Actors - Feat. Man With Long Hair in Grocery Store

CarBravo urges people to experience usedphoria and enjoy the blissful elation of used car shopping in its latest commercial.

The spot features a man encountering an acquaintance in a grocery store. “Hey, Steve, what’s up?” he asks his fellow, who’s having his long hair waving in the air. The latter explains that, ever since he bought his used truck at CarBravo, he’s really feeling the usedphoria, which is “the feeling you get when you buy a used car backed with certified service techs and a nationwide network of service centers”. “Is that what all this is about?” the first man asks referring to the weird-looking hair. “Yeah,” confirms the other. “It’s working,” his friend says.

The commercial ends with the voiceover adding the tagline “CarBravo. Feel the usedphoria”.

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