Burger King Stackers Family Singing in the Car Commercial Actors

Burger King promotes its Stackers in a new commercial, titled “After School”.

The spot features a family singing in their car a song set to the rhythms of the brand’s iconic “Have it Your Way” jingle, first introduced in the 1970s. “Everyone gets a BK Stacker,” sings the dad, who is joined by his three kids, sitting in the back seat. “Tiny dancer, two linebackers,” they sing, while enjoying a BK Stacker. The chorus of the catchy song is “At BK, have it your way! You Rule!”.

The BK Stacker is made with flame-grilled patties, American cheese, bacon and what Burger King calls Stacker Sauce, all on a sesame seed bun.

The range of BK Stackers, back to the menu nationwide on January 5, 2023, includes the Double BK Stacker, which includes a pair of flame-grilled patties, the Triple BK Stacker, which has three, and the Quad BK Stacker, which has a towering four patties.

This ad is also part of the fast-food chain’s “You Rule” campaign, which debuted in October 2022 and was described as “a play on the QSR chain’s mascot and famous paper crowns in an effort to deliver the message that Burger King guests are royalty”.

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