Burger King Spider-Verse Whopper Commercial

Burger King promotes its “Spider-Verse” Whopper in a new commercial.

The spot begins with another track set to the tune of the brand’s iconic “Have it Your Way” jingle, first introduced in the 1970s. However, it is interrupted by the voiceover, who asks “What the buns? Was that Spider-Man?. “I think we just entered the Spider-Verse,” he adds and urges viewers to get the “Spider-Verse” Whopper on the BK app until June 21st and see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, only in theaters June 2nd.

The limited-edition of the “Spider-Verse” Whopper, priced at $5, is topped with a red-bun and black sesame seeds (meant to evoke Miles Morales’ Spider-Man costume) and also features a quarter-pound beef patty, Swiss cheese, and all the classic Whopper toppings.

As part of this Spider-Verse promotion, selected BK restaurants are getting Spider-Man makeovers, which include interactive designs, dining room and drive-thru theming, and an “Instagram-able area.” This will be limited to restaurants located in New York City, France, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and selected others.

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