Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Actors - Who Drinks Budweiser?

Budweiser has unveiled its Super Bowl 2023 commercial, highlighting that “the people who share the same spirit share the same beer”.

The spot is a play on the six degrees of separation theory and the subsequent game, six degrees of Kevin Bacon, and features six real-life individuals passing a six-pack of beer through different scenes to one another, from a construction worker to a food truck owner, and even a music producer, while the voiceover, Kevin Bacon himself, gives the answer to the question “Who drinks Budweiser?”. “You know the type,” he says, listing then “the people who grind, those who don’t back down, and the ones who don’t quit.” “They say all people are Six Degrees of Separation away from each other, but some are just a six-pack away,” adds the actor, pointing out that “the people who share the same spirit, share the same beer.”

At the end of the commercial, a man who receives the final beer bottle out of the six-pack at a home party, offers it to the viewer and the tagline “This Bud’s For You”, which Bacon says in voiceover, appears on the screen.

Budweiser’s 30-second ad will air during Super Bowl LVII, which takes place on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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