British Airways A British Original Advert Actors

British Airways highlights that we all travel for a million different reasons, whether that’s a change of scenery, new memories or an overdue hug and encourages people to plan their own original journey.

“For business, for leisure, for love, for life. What is the purpose of your visit?” the voiceover asks in the 30-second spot, which is a montage of photos and videos of travelers packing their baggage and going on trips, that range from flights back home to business trips to holidays.

The airline declares that originality is what they do best and mentions, on its website, generous baggage allowances with free carry-ons, great quality onboard food and drink, with a range by Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge, relaxing lounges and high-quality customer service.

The “A British Original” campaign includes several 20-second videos, each illustrating a different reason to fly, such as “for her”, a brainfreeze, and banter.

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