Boost Infinite Wireless Utopia iPhone 15 Pro Commercial Actress - Feat. Woman in Garden

Boost Infinite invites people to a new world of wireless in its latest commercial, highlighting that they can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data on America’s Smart Network and experience endless delight when they get the latest iPhone every year for $60/month.

“The new iPhone 15 Pro is here. Built with titanium and featuring the most powerful iPhone camera yet. Get it with Boost Infinite and transcend to a wireless Utopia,” the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which features a young woman in a garden.

The narrator continues by saying “the new iPhone 15 Pro on us, no trade-in needed” and urging viewers to enjoy unlimited wireless and the latest iPhone every year for $60/month.

The carrier says that, at Boost Infinite, they are all about providing Infinitely Better wireless service. Customers must simply choose the plan, device and Add-Ons they want in just a few easy steps and be the first to experience superfast 5G on America’s Smart Network.

Currently, only the iPhone 15, Motorola Edge 2023+ and Celero 5G are compatible with the Boost Wireless Network. All other devices will be loaded onto one of America’s top networks depending on the best coverage in your area.


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