BEHR MARQUEE Commercial - Feat. Actress Marissa Rivera

BEHR promotes its BEHR MARQUEE, the #1 Rated one-coat hide interior paint, in a hilarious new commercial, featuring a homeowner hearing things.

The spot features the woman (played by Puerto Rican actress Marissa Rivera) in various everyday situations hearing bad things told about her paint and walls. While having coffee with a friend in the living room, she hears her saying “Your paint is really bad” when she actually said “The best coffee I’ve ever had” and, before sending her son off to school, she hears him saying “Mom, the walls look awful”, when he was actually asking her for a waffle. One day, when a deliveryperson shows up and tells her that she should use Behr, the homeowner thinks she didn’t hear well and asks for clarification. The worker, played by writer, comedian, commentator, and actress Maggie Mae Fish, repeats what she had said, that the lady should use Behr. The lady follows her recommendation and giver her home a whole new fresh look thanks to BEHR MARQUEE in Provence Blue HDC-AC-23.

The commercial ends with the woman’s husband shouting out loud “It looks great in here” after seeing the walls painted in the new color from BEHR.

Eventually, the tagline “Today Let’s Paint” appears on the screen.

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