Avocados From Mexico Water Main Commercial Actors

The leading avocado retailer across the U.S. Avocados From Mexico has once again collaborated with the Dallas-based advertising agency LERMA for a fresh advertising campaign.

One of the two commercials, directed by the award-winning comedy director Brendan Gibbons, showcases two construction workers arriving at a woman’s doorstep. They bring both unwelcome news and a selection of avocados, guacamole, and avocado tacos, all while singing to the tune of Avocados From Mexico’s jingle. They break the news to her that they accidentally damaged the water main, which takes her by surprise. They also inform her that “they taste good” and “they’re good for you.” After trying the homemade guacamole, prepared by one of the workers, she enthusiastically embraces the water shooting up, likening it to the excitement of Las Vegas. The commercial concludes with the brand’s tagline, “Always Good,” appearing on the screen.

The second advertisement features a football player receiving news from his coach that he will be benched, and the news is delivered in sync with the Avocados from Mexico jingle. However, the player’s reaction is unexpectedly positive, thanks to the tray of avocados and delectable avocado-based treats, including guacamole.

Avocados From Mexico has a reputation for creating humorous advertisements, such as their Super Bowl spot this year featuring Anna Faris.

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