AT&T Fiber with All-Fi Gossiping Neighbors Garage Commercial

AT&T has dropped a new ad for its AT&T Fiber with All-Fi, highlighting that it lets you stream movies, sports, or shows from anywhere in the house – even the garage.

The humorous spot, titled “Gossip”, features two women talking about their neighbors, The Taylors, and their Wi-Fi. “Did you hear about the Taylors? They’re GIGillionaires now,” one of the women tells her friend over a cup of coffee, mentioning that their new Wi-Fi covers their entire place. “I heard they’re putting every single room to use, if you know what I mean,” she also says, whilst her friend keeps looking at the couple, who is in their garage. “Every room?” asks the latter a little bit confused. “Even the garage,” confirms the one spreading the news.

As the garage door slides down, the second woman admits she could use some of that Big GIG Energy in her life.
“Live like a GIGillionaire with more Wi-Fi square,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, introducing AT&T Fiber with All-Fi.

Eventually, the tagline “Connecting Changes Everything” appears across the screen.

The company promoted its fiber optic internet service with All-Fi, described as “a next-generation Wi-Fi experience”, in another spot, dubbed “Full House”. The ad showed two siblings who have no place to stay in the house anymore because their house is full due to the fact that they are GIGillionaires and all of their relatives are now living in with them. However, when their mom tells them that AT&T Fiber with All-Fi guarantees Wi-Fi even out in the backyard, the two kids are excited to grab their laptops and head out.