AT&T Fiber with All-Fi Attic Watch Party Clown Commercial

“Kid parties can be rough, especially when they happen during a big game. But with AT&T Fiber with All-Fi you and all the other parents can stream the game in peace, while you hide in the attic. Away from the kids.” This is the idea behind the latest commercial released by AT&T for its fiber internet service with All-Fi, which provides a seamless and high-speed experience throughout one’s home, including the attic.

The spot opens with a man and his wife entering their friend’s attic and complaining that kid parties are rough. “I hear your Wi-Fi works up here,” the husband tells the party host, who’s surrounded by other parents, watching a football game. One of them explains that Thomas is a GIGillionaire now and his All-Fi has his whole place covered.

At this point, the clown joins them, as well, which surprises the parents, knowing that he should be downstairs, entertaining the children.

Asked who’s with the kids, the clown replies that he doesn’t know so the father grabs the tablet and is streaming the security cameras. However, the footage they see isn’t delightfull at all, so they suggest the clown to return to the little ones. “Please, we’re trying to watch,” one of the parents tells the clown, who insists they watch together. They suddently all stop talking when a child is heard calling Mom.

“Live like a GIGillionare with Wi-Fi wherever you need it,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, introducing AT&T Fiber with All-Fi.

AT&T promoted its fiber optic internet service with All-Fi, described as a “next-generation Wi-Fi experience” in several other ads. One of them humorously explores the scenario of a home overrun with relatives due to the newfound GIGillionaire status of two siblings. However, when their mother informs them that AT&T Fiber with All-Fi ensures Wi-Fi coverage even in the backyard, the kids eagerly seize the opportunity to take their laptops outside. Another ad highlights the envy-inducing Wi-Fi coverage of a fictional family, the Taylors, and features two women engaged in conversation about them and their Wi-Fi. While enjoying a cup of coffee, one woman informs her friend about the couple, saying that they’ve become “GIGillionaires” now and that their new Wi-Fi covers every corner of their home, and even the garage.


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