AT&T All-Fi Full House Commercial Actors - Live like a GIGillionaire

AT&T has released a new commercial for its fiber optic internet service with All-Fi, described as “a next-generation Wi-Fi experience”, that delivers more coverage to more corners of your home than ever.

Titled “Full House”, the spot features two siblings who have no place to stay in the house anymore because their house is full. Their mom explains that, now they’re Gigllionaires, their house is full but they can have the backyard all to themselves. The children are not too happy to hear that and try to find another option. Unfortunately, the garage and the attic are occupied by their cousins, the basement is occupied by their grandfather, so they must go outside. Learning that with AT&T Fiber with All-Fi guarantees Wi-Fi even out in the backyard, the two kids are excited to grab their laptops and head out.

The ad, which is available also in Spanish, ends with the narrator urging viewers to “Live like a GIGillionaire” and introducing AT&T Fiber with All-Fi. “Connecting Changes Everything” an onscreen line reads.

For its “Connecting Changes Everything” campaign, AT&T has reached to some of its customers, who share their stories about how AT&T helped their businesses, as well as Jason Preston, whose life changed forever after one of his shots was caught on video and the video went viral.
AT&T aims to highlight thus that a connection can spark a relationship, propel a business or power a student to find their next breakthrough moment.

People visiting the carrier’s website can learn how AT&T is providing affordable & accessible internet on its mission to bring connectivity to everyone, no matter where they live or where they come from.