Arnold Intelligence A.I. Commercial - Arnold Schwarzenegger's book Be Useful

Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes his book “Be Useful” in a video on his social media platforms, where he introduces an AI system called “Arnold Intelligence.” At Gold’s Gym, attendees had the opportunity to interact with a new AI supposedly trained by Schwarzenegger’s book. The AI greeted the audience, claiming to be a vocal representation of Schwarzenegger based on the book, ready to answer any questions.

The AI appeared capable of offering advice on a wide range of topics, and attendees eagerly asked questions about motivation, finding one’s purpose, marital guidance, and achieving financial independence. For those seeking specialized advice, the AI provided tailored responses. For instance, aspiring bodybuilders were advised to focus on winning competitions, and discussions about financial independence emphasized the importance of passion. When a mention of a hockey movie script came up, the AI offered insights into marketing, underscoring the significance of both visibility and quality.

However, just when it seemed like the AI might outshine human expertise, a surprising twist occurred. The interactions took on a personal and humorous tone, suggesting something beyond mere code behind the responses. As the video reached its climax, the true identity of the AI was revealed. When an attendee quoted one of Schwarzenegger’s famous lines, “Let me explain this myself… oh my God, oh my God, oh get to the chopper!” the legendary actor himself appeared on the scene.

It turned out that the AI was not AI at all; it was Schwarzenegger all along. This playful prank was more than mere entertainment; it underscored the irreplaceable value of human touch, interaction, and authentic connection, something that even the most advanced AI cannot replicate.


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