Apple Privacy on iPhone Nick Mohammed Commercial Actor

Apple has released a short film to highlight privacy features available on iPhone.

Titled “A Day in the Life of an Average Person’s Data”, the video follows Nick Mohammed through his “average” day to learn how data companies are trying to collect your personal information and how your iPhone can help protect you.

The Apple specialist tells Nick that email marketers can see if you’ve opened their emails, even the location where you’re likely to read them, and points out that with Mail Privacy Protection your email address will be hidden, which makes it harder for email marketers to follow the patterns of where and when you receive emails.

He also says you can still be tracked when it comes to online browsing, but when you’re browsing with Safari, Intelligent Tracking Prevention is automatically at work to protect you from being followed from site to site by trackers. This feature uses on-device machine learning, making it even harder for companies to identify you.

He also mentions the App Tracking Transparency, which helps you control who tracks your information and who doesn’t. Eventually, the specialist joins Nick for a shopping session and tells him that when he pays for his purchase (a muscle-padding T-shirt) with Apple Pay, Apple won’t store the transaction information or his credit or debit card number.

At the end of the film, the Apple specialist states that, with iPhone, you get innovative technologies and protections to help you control what information you share and what information you don’t.