Apple iPhone 15 Wow Commercial / Werbung

Apple has released a series of new ads for its iPhone 15, unveiled on September 12.

One of the spots gives viewers a glimpse at some of the smartphone’s most important features, including the innovative new design, which boasts back glass that has color infused throughout the material, Dynamic Island, which bubbles up alerts and Live Activities so you don’t miss them while you’re doing something else, the new 48MP Main camera with up to 4x resolution to capture incredible detail and 2x Telephoto, which is like having a third camera, three optical-quality zoom levels that let you effortlessly frame the perfect shot from right where you are,
and all-day battery life.

The ad also highlights that the iPhone 15 is splash, water, and dust resistant and has an A16 Bionic GPU, which powers all these advanced features and more, including Voice Isolation for phone calls and smooth performance for graphics-intensive games.

The new USB-C connector lets you charge your Mac or iPad with the same cable you use to charge iPhone 15. You can even use iPhone 15 to charge Apple Watch or AirPods.

The song used in the ad is “Wow” a single by Team Salut & DÜKI TRAN released on September 12.


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