Android More Selfie Possibilities American Gothic Commercial Statues

A new commercial for Android highlights that “Every selfie can be a hands-free work of art on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.”

A recent Android commercial emphasizes the idea that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 can transform every selfie into a hands-free masterpiece.

Dubbed “American Gothic,” reminiscent of the iconic 1930 painting by Grant Wood housed in the Art Institute of Chicago, the ad unfolds with a middle-aged couple observing the famous artwork. They realize an uncanny resemblance to the painting’s characters – the farmer holding a pitchfork and his daughter, often mistaken for his wife.

Inspired by this revelation, the couple, who travel the country in their trailer, decides to recreate the American Gothic painting using the woman’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. The ease with which they achieve this sparks an exuberant feeling, prompting them to capture numerous other selfies during their journey. Their unique selfies later take on the form of paintings showcased in an art gallery. The protagonists, adding a creative twist, recreate the American Gothic with the woman portraying the farmer and her husband embodying the farmer’s daughter. In their rendition, the famous American Gothic House in Eldon, Iowa, is depicted upside down.

The commercial concludes with the onscreen message “More selfie possibilities,” set against the backdrop of “Are You Having Any Fun” by Elaine Stritch. This classic song, initially performed by Ella Logan in 1939 and covered by various artists over the decades, including Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, Tony Bennett, and more, provides a nostalgic and lively touch to the ad.


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