America's Best Woman on Electric Scooter Commercial

America’s Best has dropped a new commercial to promote its latest deal, which gives customers the chance to get two pairs of glasses and an eye exam starting at $79.95.

The spot features the America’s Best mascot, a talking owl, approaching a young woman who’s riding an electric scooter and asking her where she hurries to. The girl says she’s heading to America’s Best and get the retailer’s new deal (consisting of two new pair of glasses plus a free eye exam, starting at $79.95) because she doesn’t want to get overcharged and the exam alone is worth $59. She then urges the owl to join her and go save, which it happens.

Onscreen lines at the end of the commercial inform that, in certain states, eye exams are provided by independent practices. In California, America’s Best Vision Plan membership is required.

The voiceover urges viewers to book an eye exam today at

This is not the first time the company promotes the offer giving customers two pairs of eyeglasses and a free eye exam. Last year, the America’s Best owl informed a woman playing a carnival game about this deal and another ad, released in 2020, starred Rob Belushi, actor Jim Belushi’s son, as a golfer who’s interrupted by the owl that keeps talking about America’s Best deal.

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