Amazon It's on Prime Girl with Mustache Commercial - Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket

Amazon has launched a new ad campaign, called “It’s on Prime”, to celebrate the benefits Prime members enjoy, such as fast, free delivery, movies and series, and music.

The first spot, titled “‘Tache” and directed by actor and filmmaker Olivia Wilde, features a highschool girl struggling with unwanted facial hair.

Intended to wax it, she changes her mind when she realizes that her icons have mustaches, too. Eddie Murphy, Frida Kahlo and Freddie Mercury, whose song with Queen “Cool Cat” plays int he background, are all present in her room in different ways. The mustached-actor is shown on her laptop, in the Amazon Original Coming 2 America, the iconic painter is shown on a poster hung on her wall, and the legendary singer is illustrated as a bobblehead. She eventually decides to keep her mustache and, more than that, wear it with pride. She orders a Freddie Mercury-themed yellow jacket on Amazon and, after receiving it through Prime Delivery, she rocks it the next day at school, where she busts some dance moves to the rhythms of “Cool Cat”, a song available to stream on Amazon Music.

The campaign, which will continue the themes of inclusivity and entertainment with ads featuring Lizzo in Watch Out For The Big Grrls and John Krasinski in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, encourages members to explore and enjoy their personal interests, desires, and needs.


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