Allstate The Road to Take Commercial - Feat. Driver Not Following GPS Directions

Allstate has released a humorous new commercial to remind consumers that safe drivers save 40% with Allstate.

The spot opens with the voiceover declaring that some people just know what road to take and those are the people who know safe drivers save 40% with Allstate.

The protagonist is a driver who uses GPS but doesn’t listen to the indications given by the “disembodied voice” because he just knows what road to take. “You’re not from around here, so you don’t know the back roads,” he tells the virtual assistant.

Allstate offers a program called “Drivewise” that rewards safe drivers with a potential savings of up to 40% on their auto insurance premiums.

To take advantage of this program, policyholders must enroll, which typically involves installing a small device in their vehicle or using a mobile app. This device or app monitors various aspects of their driving, such as speed, braking, and the time of day they drive. The program rewards safe driving behaviors like obeying speed limits, avoiding hard braking, and driving during less risky hours.

As they consistently demonstrate safe driving habits, they can earn discounts on their auto insurance premium, of up to 40%.

In other ads, the insurance company points out that consumers can save up to 25% when they bundle their home and auto insurance with Allstate.

However, savings vary by state and that up to 25% is a countrywide average of savings off the Home policy combining the Multiple Policy Discount for having Auto with Allstate and the Welcome Discount. The deal is also subject to terms, conditions, and availability.

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