Fiat 600 The Italian Upgrade Leonardo DiCaprio Commercial / Werbung

FIAT and Leonardo DiCaprio have teamed up again for a new commercial. This time, it is for the all-new Fiat 600.

The award-winning actor, who promoted the Fiat 500 three years ago, stars in a humorous spot for the Italian automaker’s new electric vehicle, titled “The Italian Upgrade”, which aims to highlight that this isn’t a day dream, it’s the All-New Fiat 600.

The Hollywood star is shown arriving in Italy and being welcome by an Italian assistant, who shows him the electric car put at his disposal. “You’ve been upgraded. The way you like it… it’s electric,” the man tells DiCaprio, who doesn’t hesitate to answer that he already has one of those. “Not the 600,” comes the reply.

Filmed in the historic center of Lecce, in Rome and in the Ligurian village of Lerici, the commercial shows the two in all kinds of humorous situations, while onscreen lines highlight some of the key features of the car, such as upgraded style, upgrade space (with best-in-class storage), upgraded roominess, upgraded range (600 km urban and 400km combined), unlimited Dolce Vita (with color therapy and massaging seat).

As the spot ends, it turns out they were all in DiCaprio’s imagination. “You’re gonna sit here all day? Shall I drive?” the Italian assistant asks him. “Upgrade eh? Get in!” DiCaprio tells the man, who has no choice but get in.

The song playing at the end of the commercial is a remastered 2022 version of “La Dolce Vita (Original Vocal Version)” by Nino Rota & Katyna Ranieri.

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