Aldi UK People Dressed as Caterpillars Advert

Aldi UK has dropped a new advert, which reignited an old caterpillar war between the German-based store and M&S.

The spot features a group of people dressed as caterpillars standing around at a party discussing how much they like the chocolate caterpillar cakes they’re eating. However, their tasting session is interrupted when Colin, a different caterpillar figure, shows up. The scene then fades and the onscreen lines “Aldi. Like M&S. Only cheaper” appear.

Colin and Cuthbert are then seen grabbing hold of one another, scrapping and shouting.

A long-running legal dispute between Aldi and M&S began when Aldi introduced, in 2021, a cake called “Cuthbert the Caterpillar” that was strikingly similar to M&S’ “Colin” cake. M&S filed a lawsuit against Aldi, but a month later, Cuthbert hit the shelves again with a few minor changes to his facial features.

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