Airbnb Chef's Kitchens Commercial

After its “Made possible by Hosts” campaign, Airbnb has launched a new one, that focuses on the categories available on its website and mobile app and lets users search for a destination that suits their interests and preferences.

One of the latest ads released by the accommodation platform features images captured by photographer Anu Kumar, who spent a weekend away with his family, cooking in Fran’s Wensley home, which proved to be the perfect spot for them. The moments spents during their rustic countryside escape with rolling hills and a gourmet chef’s kitchen were immortalized by Kumar and soundtracked by Lou Monte’s song “Luna Mezzo Mare”.

The “Made possible by Airbnb Categories” campaign showcases multiple other categories, including the “Skiing” category, the “Amazing Pools” category, the “Farms” category, the “OMG!” Category, the “Castle” category, and more. Airbnb invited photographers to take trips on Airbnb with their family and friends (choosing homes across a range of its new categories, from castles, to homes with amazing pools, to the Arctic), shoot photos of their stays, and send them back to Airbnb. The photos have been edited by Airbnb together with familiar songs to capture the unique experience of traveling on Airbnb, made possible by these new categories.

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