Adidas Girl Running at Night Commercial - The Ridiculous Run

Adidas aims to raise awareness on an important issue related to women who want to go running, namely that 92% of them don’t feel safe while running, in a new commercial, which also calls on the community to help change the current reality.

Titled “The Ridiculous Run”, the spot highlights some of the realities that 69% of women runners all over the world face every day – such as running with one earphone in, bringing an alert whistle, wearing loose clothing, notifying friends and family before and after a run, and running with someone they think can protect them. A diverse cast of women are shown running through the city streets at night, with a car behind them, a horse rider, fellow runners, bikers and skaters to emphasize how ridiculous a run must become for women to feel safe.

For the campaign adidas surveyed 9,000 runners across nine countries to understand men and women’s experiences and perceptions of safety when running and to support the work of the brand’s With Women We Run by adidas Runners initiative.

The research demonstrates the need for change in both attitudes and action when it comes to women’s safety when running, finding that while 62% of men recognize the issue, only 18% believe the responsibility lies most with men to help women feel safer when running.