YellaWood Beavers Commercial - The Woodland's Most Wanted

YellaWood promotes its YellaWood brand pressure treated pine in a new commercial, featuring its team of beaver bandits.

The spot features the bucktoothed bandits, known as The Woodland’s Most Wanted (Sarge, Chipper, Eager Beaver, Widget, and Pinedexter), completing another heist. This time, they steal from a man’s backyard all of his Yellawood furniture thanks to their joint effort, which included tricking the man’s dog into getting into the house and locking him inside and, when they almost get caught in action, making the owner believe he still has his pet by his side.

“For five-star backyard YellaWood pressure treated pine,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “If it doesn’t have this Yella tag, you don’t want it”.

YellaWood’s range of products includes decking, columns, deck accents, fence products, speciality posts, siding, plywood, and more.

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