Wickes TV Advert Woman in the Window

DIY and home improvement retailer Wickes has released a new commercial.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Open Up” campaign, which celebrates those who complete their home improvement projects with pride and aims to show how Wickes can help you banish that feeling of housebarrassment forever, features a diverse cast of homeowners as they are pulling open the curtains or blinds to their homes, which range from large urban apartments blocks to suburban houses, for others to see. One of them is showing off a new shade of paint in their living room to passerbyers on the street, another one is deliberately waiting for a commuter train to go past to show strangers looking out the window his new garden decking, one couple are sleeping at night with their lights on and curtains pulled open for people to see how they painted their bedroom.

“From the biggest transformations to the smallest changes, don’t be housebarrassed. Be house proud,” the voiceover says at the end of the video.

The song used in the ad is Welcome to my world by Remi Nicole, from her album of the same name.

The advert debuted on Channel 4’s Gogglebox on Friday 25th March and is set to run for the next 12 weeks.

“We want to connect with a wider customer base, which is why we’re capturing DIY projects, together with those that include our Design & Installation services in one combined narrative. The story of house-proud Brits opening up their homes will ensure we’re top of mind for home improvers, by communicating that Wickes is the go-to business whatever the project, to help them feel house proud,” Wickes’ chief marketing and digital officer Gary Kibble said in a press release.

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