Walmart+ InHome Don't Miss Out Commercial Actress

Walmart promotes its Walmart+ InHome, an In-Home Grocery Delivery service, which brings customers a wide selection of fresh groceries straight to their fridge, even when they are not home, in a hilarious new commercial.

The spot depicts various scenarios in which parents miss out on different things their children do because they are busy taking care of groceries. A father doesn’t notices his toddler painting a kitchen cupboard, another father doesn’t realize that his kids are playing video games and pretend they’re doing their homework only when he comes home, and a mother is called while she’s away, grocery shopping, to be informed that something happened and that she’ll get mad.

“When you’re busy dealing with groceries, you can miss a few things,” the voiceover says, mentioning that, with Walmart+ InHome, an associate delivers and puts away your groceries whether you’re home or not, so you don’t have to miss anything.

“No tips, no markups, no worries,” the narrator also adds before an onscreen line urges viewers to join Walmart+ InHome today.

Walmart offers a 30-day free trial of this new service, which also picks up returns. Groceries can be placed at your door, brought into your garage, or put away neatly in your kitchen. With your membership, you will always get free same-day delivery on groceries and more, all at the same low prices as in-store.

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