Walkers Talkers Crisps Cut Out the F-Word Fine TV Advert / Commercial Actress

Walkers Crisps has launched a new initiative, called “Cut Out the F-Word,” which encourages people to stop saying “Fine” when they are asked how they feel if don’t mean it and share their true feelings instead.

The spot highlights that we’re saying fine too much and encourages viewers to just say how they really feel because there’s nothing wrong with emotions. This is the reason why Walkers are cutting out the F-word and turning Walkers into Talkers.

The 15-second ad concludes with onscreen lines saying that “Talk helps” and urging viewers to get involved at comicrelief.com/walkers.

“I’m fine” is an autopilot response that stops us from opening up about how we really feel. Which isn’t good for our mental wellbeing,” Walkers said in a press statement, revealing that British people collectively proclaim that they are “Fine” 215 million times every day, that is 28 times over the course of the week on average for each individual, but most of the time (77%) they don’t even mean it.

Walker and Comic Relief have also partnered to support mental wellbeing through The Smiles Fund, a joint Walkers and Comic Relief fund focused on early intervention through comedy and arts. Walkers have committed to raising £2 million for Comic Relief by the end of 2022.

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