Walgreens Wellness Check Commercial Actors - Woman Having Toe Nails Painted by Boyfriend

Walgreens promotes its same-day delivery and other services available with the Walgreens app in a commercial titled “Wellness Check”.

The spot features a woman going about her days and dealing with little mishaps she has, such as a fall while riding a child scooter through the city, resulting in a minor knee injury. She’s also shown talking a walk with her dog, which she carries in a baby stroller, attending a dance class, cleaning around her house, taking a Calcium pill and drinking tap water.

The voiceover points out that Walgreens is there to help you with your carelessness and “able-to-relax-edness” with deliveries in as little as one hour, cash rewards, and Pharmacy Chat, because at Walgreens they take care of the whole you.

The end of the commercial sees the woman having her toenails painted by her life partner and the Walgreens logo flashing across the screen.

Users of the Walgreens app can get fast prescription refills, earn unlimited Walgreens Cash rewards, get personalized offers, save even more with Weekly Ad & paperless coupons, print photo orders in about an hour, and more. They can also get real-time local forescasts, find Care virtually or chat with a pharmacy expert 24/7.


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