Volkswagen Dibs the Parking Spot Chris Distefano Commercial

Volkswagen has partnered with comedian Chris Distefano to finally write “The Unwritten Rules of the Road” and shares them in a series of new ads.

In one of them, the comedian tells a young girl in a parking lot, who says she’s holding a parking spot for her mother, that she can’t do that. “Do what?” asks the girl, who’s standing in a way to prevent other drivers from parking there. “Dibs a parking space,” Distefano answers. He then raises some questions aimed to make his point. “Can you call dibs on a donut when you’re in line at the shop?” “You dibs a banana in the market?” he asks, to which the girl says “No”. He then tells her she doesn’t even know what dibs is. The girl, who’s left speechless this time, realizes it’s not ok for her to hold the spot.

The commercial ends with the unwritten rule #2: “You can’t dibs a parking spot”.

The Unwritten Rule #1 was presented in a previous commercial and encouraged drivers to know when to full honk and when to soft honk because there’s a difference. Distefano points out that when the traffic light turns green and the driver ahead doesn’t hit the road immediately “is not full honk material”, but a “soft honk material”, “just a gentle reminder.

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