Vitality UK Apple Watch Series 7 That's My Mum Advert

Vitality UK invites you to get the new Apple Watch Series 7 from £0 upfront, with nothing more to pay if you stay active, in one of its latest adverts.

The spot features a woman named Beth, who got the new Apple Watch Series 7 from Vitality and won’t pay a penny
for it if she stays active. According to the voiceover, she really got it so her son would stand tall at Sports Day and proudly declare “That’s my mum”.

As the spot ends, Beth is shown back in her living room, where’s she’s running on her treadmill. When her son tells a friend “That’s my mum,” she greets him, but it seems that the boy was not too enthusiastic to introduce her.

“Ready to make a positive change in life? Get your Apple Watch Series 7 with Vitality Health and Life Insurance,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, adding the tagline “Sharing the benefits of healthy living”.

The offer is available until 14 Feb 2022 on selected models & Vitality plans.


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