Visible by Verizon Commercial - Girl on the Couch

Wireless service Visible promotes its single line plan in a new commercial based on the idea that your family already pressures you to create your own a family and your wireless company shouldn’t.

The spot, titled “Single for the Win,” opens with a married couple who share their love story. The husband says that, after talking and texting for years, they got married for the family plan. His wife adds that they really expanded their family for the wireless savings. As she makes this reveal, the camera pans into their living room to show how large their family actually is and it turns out they have lots of children. “It seemed like the responsible thing to do,” explains the man, who’s holding a toddler, too.

The mother then mentions that, just the day before, her sister told her about Visible. At this point, the woman’s sister is shown in her own apartment, where she lives by herself, informing that, with Visible, you get unlimited data for as low as $25/month, no family needed.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Family plan savings without the family” and urging viewers to try Visible for free before they switch.

The free trial is for 15 days and requires an eligible iPhone device with eSIM capability.

Visible single line plan includes unlimited data powered by Verizon and 5G for as little as $25/month (taxes and fees included), without needing to join a family plan.


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