Visa Martin & His Lucky Shirt Advert

Visa promotes its technology in a series of football-related adverts, based on the idea that, when it comes to matchdays, fans across the globe often put their trust in unexpected rituals to improve the good fortune of their nation’s team, but – when it comes to payments – you can trust in Visa and pay with confidence, as its cutting-edge technology helps to protect payments, wherever you are.

The spot introduces Martin, a man who trusts rituals for football and Visa for payments. One of his rituals consists in wearing his lucky shirt, which is quite small for him and therefore doesn’t fit him so well, for every game. The voiceover declares that Martin doesn’t need rituals when paying because Visa’s cutting-edge technology helps protect his payments.

“He trusts rituals for football. He trusts Visa for payments,” the narrator also at the end of the advert, adding the tagline “How You Pay Matters”.

Visa, a worldwide Partner of the Fifa World Cup 2022, also invites you to join the fan celebrations knowing that you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized payments made with your card or card details thanks to its Zero Liability Policy.

Shoppers who pay with Visa can enter a new promotion online for a chance to win some FIFA World Cup 2022 prizes.


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