Vinted Surf Retreat Lucy & Surfer Commercial Actors

Vinted promotes its mobile app in a new commercial.

The spot features Lucy, a young woman who’s daydreaming in her bedroom about being in a surf retreat. She loves traveling, according to the voiceover, but sometimes she needs extra cash to do that. Luckily, she can earn money by selling her unused clothes, shoes and accessories on Vinted, without any selling fees, and every dollar is hers to keep.

The end of the commercial sees Lucy witnessing a magical thing happen: a surfer coming out of her closet and asking her if she is ready to catch a wave.

“Find extra money in your closet,” the voiceover says, urging viewers to download Vinted with shipping from only $0.99.

Viewers are encouraged to download the app from Google Play or App Store and sell for free.


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