Vestiaire Collective Fashion Show Puppets Commercial - Miss Classique, Rich, Lady Green

Vestiaire Collective has unveiled a new campaign, created in partnership with Droga5 London and the fashion world’s director, documentarian and presenter Loïc Prigent.

The spot features a Vestiaire Collective fashion show where everything is pre-loved, including the models – Miss Classique, whose look never goes out of style, Rich, who’s selling the items you want, Lady Green, a rebel with a cause, and other two – Hunter, who knows vintage inside out, and Drops, who is always the first in line for the next collab. The five style icons are puppets made from recycled clothing and represent the Collective, showcasing, at the same time, the diversity of its community.

“They are the Vestiaire Collective,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which also features the French fashion filmmaker Loïc Prigent, who introduces each puppet, saying “Now that’s fashion” and the tagline “Long Live Fashion” flashing across the screen.

On Vestiaire Collective users can buy and sell pre-loved fashion. The app now has 15 million global members and 3 million items from over 80 countries.

The new campaign, “Long Live Fashion”, aims to inspire a step-change in the fashion industry and show how fashion lovers can – and are – recalibrating for a more conscious future.

“‘Long Live Fashion’ is at the heart of everything we do. It is a rallying cry for all of us who live for fashion, but also want to take care of it for life. It’s an innovative, disruptive, creative approach to raise awareness of our mission. Our goal is to engage with our global community and collectively make a positive impact. ” Vanessa Masliah, Vice President Marketing & Branding at Vestiaire Collective, said in a press statement.

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