Tiffany & Co. Botanica: Blue Book Gal Gadot Commercial

Gal Gadot became the official ambassador for Tiffany & Co.’s Botanica: Blue Book 2022 campaign and stars in a new ad for the brand.

The Wonder Woman star showcases some of the pieces included in the Blue Book Collection, such as a dandelion-inspired necklace and an orchid brooch, a diamond and sapphire necklace that features similarities to thistles, beautifully intricate purple flowers that bite back with their large thorns.

The Botanica: Blue Book collection will be available for purchase on the brand’s website.

Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication, Tiffany & Co., described Gal Gadot as “more than a House ambassador”, saying that she “epitomizes the effortless glamor, sheer sophistication and sense of modernity that Blue Book represents.”

The actress has also given a press statement about her partnership with the iconic brand and declared that she is “incredibly honored to be a part of the new Blue Book high jewelry campaign”. She has also said that she feels “very fortunate to be able to represent the brand’s most esteemed jewelry collection during this exciting and transformative time.”

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